Clay Tercek

Gore Capabilities Center

W. L. Gore and Associates is a global materials science company focused on discovery, and product innovation based on fluoropolymer technology and manufacturing. To help them share their rich history with visitors and partners, I helped to develop a handful of experiences in their Brand Experience Center, located in Newark, Deleware while working with the talented folks at Bluecadet as a developer.


The performance interactive is an array of touchscreen displays, each one taking a deep dive into a W. L. Gore product to show off it's individual characteristics and capabilities, with a hands-on demonstration to accompany it. The six station's are all capable of showing four different types of data:

  • slideshows with animated transitions
  • high resolution videos
  • hot-spots, which allow users to select points of interest and learn more
  • scrubbers, essentially the same as the videos, though encouraging users to scrub back and forth

For ease of debugging, the six displays are all running the same cinder application, though with station specific data being fed to them.

gore performance
a performance station shown here on the left

Community & Culture

Community & Culture was another touchscreen interaction in the same space, though with one 80-inch touchscreen, accompanied by three smaller square auxiliary screens. This app showcased four videos that capture some of the unique talents and perspectives of Gore employees

gore performance

Videos and images courtesy of Bluecadet. You can find more about the whole project in the bluecadet case study.