Clay Tercek

Museum of Feelings

Museum of Feelings

Museum of Feelings is a spatial experience built for SC Johnson/Glade where visitors explored five immersive rooms driven by different scents.

calm room

Calm Room

Simulating a cloud

One of my roles for this project was to research the fog and lighting for the "calm room." Our team experimented with many different fog and smoke machines (yes, there is a difference!) to see which would be the best candidate to produce the low-lying, cloud like fog that we were after. We eventually landed on liquid CO2 cooled fog, which uses the freezing temperature of the CO2 to keep the fog from rising and dissipating into the air.

retail room
retail room

Retail Room

Concept Rendering

Another one of my roles was digitally modeling and conceptualizing the retail space at the end of the experience. A lot of that work was modeling and rendering different versions of the scent table, that allowed visitors to sample different glade scents before buying the candles.

scent table
The scent table, where guests could sample the different glade scents.

To learn more about the experience, visit the RadicalMedia case study.